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Haters Circling “1600 Penn”

“1600 Penn” (NBC, 2012) isn’t bad. There are many haters making viciously resentful and uncalled-for remarks about the show. Unfortunately the show is not great either. Perhaps giving way too much space to a character who simply can’t carry the show.

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“The Paradise”

The Paradise: an undeniably charming European production. This “televised theatrical drama” is based on a classic script adapted from an original French novel by Emile Zola. The drama is helped forward through great casting and excellent performances by a top crew. The first “series” (the first season) drew 6 million viewers (which is a strong rating for the UK).

Trivia: The cute “Denise” (Joanna Vanderham) speaks with an even cuter nasal tone (as if she has a slight cold). While “Denise” is the main character (a kind of entrepreneurially gifted small-town Cinderella) Sarah Lancashire as “Miss Audrey” is the one who “steals” the show. “Miss Audrey” is a very special and ambigiously nuanced character in her quiet way. Sarah Lancashire brings that to life and makes it look easy.

The performances makes half the show… excuse me.. “series”.


Related: BBC One commissions second series of The Paradise.

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No Surprises: Last Resort (2012) Cancelled

Last Resort Canceled: ABC Will Not Pick Up Shawn Ryan Drama.

An excellent cast and a considerable budget can’t help a lousy story bible. Read: a dumb small time thug toying lethally with the US Military episode after episode as if he was picking up Chinese food. They see him coming miles away, he kills a troop, they search and retrieve and let him go.. rewind and repeat. The audience is supposed to buy that military veterans including Navy Seals have zero vigilence, virtually not even possessing high school knowledge about thug mentality and how to “watch” one’s back”, except against other US combat specialists. The audience is supposed to be in utter suspense every time the thug goes “oops, I did it again”. Reality check: the natural reaction is utterly dismayed disbelief and impatience.  So: Wow, show cancelled? Who didn’t see that coming?

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Nostradamus Never Said That

I was looking into peoples’ general plans for december 12, 2012.

It could be fun to know since many get married or plan festivities and events on dates like August 8, 2008 (“080808”) etc.

It was saddening to instead see the many lies by doomsday “interpretators”, of dubious origins.

Claims about The Mayans, for example, are frivolous. The Mayans never said that the world will end on a certain date  – their calendar just did (end). The rest is speculation. An equally valid speculation about the meaning of that is that they didn’t have the comfort of iPads thousands of years ago, so it is conceivable that the guy(s) writing the calendar by hand got tired and figured that someone else would continue the extremely forward-looking work that they’d already done. Also, the Mayans weren’t Christians.. their concept of “time” didn’t begin on the year of Jesus’ birth, and they didn’t reset the calendar for that purpose.

It’s saddening that so few doomsday mongers actually bother to read and check their facts. Many things that Nostradamus supposedly said (for instance about 9/11).. he simply never wrote in his “quatrains”. The “interpretations” by gossip mongers who never bothered to actually read them are so far-fetched that anyone on crack would be equally “reliable”. That’s subsequently why the most persistent doomsday fanatics have had to reset their “predictions” or rather wishes about Earth’s destruction.

Fortunately there are countless people who actually seem to have a life, hence I could find some fun, constructive and interesting reads about 12/12/2012.

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Kudos, “Dexter”

Showtime : Dexter (2012)

Prior to the 1990s, movie installments and TV-shows could rule the media landscape for decades. People were glued to small screens for weeks or years to find out the outcome of a moment. “Will she tell him or not?”  “Are they going to open that door?”.

When any of the “greats” graced the silver screen in a new production, the “whole” world new about it.

Scenes from a film with Clint Eastwood could “live” and be talked about during the time-span between a baby’s birth and after her college graduation still. Nowadays Pacino and De Niro can star in the same story and most of the world is occupied with a Youtube clip or something else. And huge budget TV shows can be scrapped after a handfull aired episodes.

In this light… “Dexter” is a sensation. The show has been around for 7 seasons and is about to enter its seventh year. That’s a success which can be measured in “dog years”.

Last season’s final ended with a bang. This season’s recent premiere were kind of anti-climactic and begged the question of where the producers and writers were “going with this”. Somehow the episode managed to turn around and pull me back in. Good for you, Dexter!

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“In One’s Own Shadow”

Vegas Girl on CBS.com.

Carrie Ann Moss stars in the new show, Vegas (CBS 2012). So does Dennis Quaid. ..Two more movie stars adapting to and getting comfortable with the small screen..

Wherever Carrie Ann Moss appears, there’s this thing she has to carry (no pun intended): Having starred in such an impact movie as “The Matrix”  (1999), her character “Trinity” is always trailing close behind. The unforgettable Trinity casts a giant shadow. This is of course much thanks to Moss, who portrayed her with impressive force and intensity.

Ergo: Carrie Ann Moss, for better and worse, is constantly walking in her own shadow… 

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“You’re Only Renting This Life, My Friend”

666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue… (ABC, 2012)

Many try to write and produce the kinds of show openings that grab you from the very first second and never let go. Most fail, despite big budgets and famous faces in the cast. The storytelling in ABC’s new hit show is grade A. Every detail; camera, coloring, angles.. has a wow factor when you know how hard it is to actually deliver on this top level. When you have no idea what it takes, it is still “a very good show”. ABC is a tough home, so it may be a bit premature to call it a “hit show”. It will be, if the showrunners and crew keep this up. It’s almost as if.. someone sold their soul to the devil….