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Katey Sagal and Husband…

Katey Sagal and husband Kurt Sutter (K.S & K.S)… He wrote a part that she was born to play. Then again – she’s simply that good (from whimsical housewife to hardcore “biker Mrs.”… She translates, with excellence.). Advertisements

Anger Management Is Here…

The long awaited return of Charlie Sheen. He talked about the concept. They pitched it. They put everything needed together. And now it’s released. It’s ‘the final job’ according to Charlie. After this, no more TV or sitcoms. Why? Financially, he could have retired ages ago. Letting go of something you love and have been doing […]

Basketball Star’s ‘Bulging Dicks’ Cost Him Millions

“He said »dicks« instead of »discs«…” Insert Beavis and Butthead snicker here. (A.k.a  a non-story…). via Mashable.    

All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

As if being in the crosshairs of, and fighting the obvious “bad guys” isn’t hard enough… BBC iPlayer – Line of Duty: Episode 1. Line of Duty (BBC, 2012) is a grim and clever tale about the constant struggle of  idealists who set out to do good but are constantly undermined and subverted by layers of […]

Jed Mercurio About “In The Line of Duty” (BBC, 2012)

BBC – Series introduction by Writer/Producer Jed Mercurio. Jed Mercurio says the show had to be full of moral grey areas and populated by antiheroes.

David Beckham Not in GB Olympic Team

David Beckham “very disappointed”  Wow, who would’ve thought that “the perfect” farewell tournament for one of UK’s greatest sports ambassadeurs wouldn’t happen?

Watching Sports “LIVE” With Friends Across The Globe

BBC and Facebook team up to stream Wimbledon and Olympic Games | Watch live sport events that are streamed by BBC and Facebook, interact with likeminded across the world via a live-chat feature, comment in “real-time” and see what others think about the event.