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Rachel Nichols Carries “Continuum” (2012)

Continuum… “A police woman from the year 2077 finds herself trapped in present day Vancouver and hunting ruthless murderers from the future.”

The protagonist “Kiera Cameron” (Rachel Nichols) and the television series Continuum could be described as a hybrid between “Terminator meets Lara Croft, Brimstone (1998), Alcatraz (2012) and Back to The Future”.

“Kiera” finds herself unwillingly in another time than her own, and separated from life as she knew it, including from her loved ones.

A terrorist group calling itself “Liber8” threatens to alter the future and is in the process killing everyone who comes in their way. Kiera has to stop them. Fortunately, with her knowledge and technology from a quite far away future, she is something of a “superwoman”. While she can’t fly and doesn’t have mutant powers, she is “enhanced” in several ways and has clear advantages over present day law enforcement.

One of Kiera’s main dilemmas is: what’s the point of going back if the future isn’t the one you left? How do you navigate the current present so that you re-create the future that was your own today? … This is what the underlying “Continuum” title and quantum physics theory is about. Dealing with different realities and with how one reality can affect the other and vice versa. In a sense, this patrol cop has to suddenly “play God” and make life-and-death decisions affecting billions of people, while all she wants is to be re-united with her family.

Her new friend and police sidekick in her quest becomes “Carlos Fonnegra” (Victor Webster). Kiera’s “tech support” is the teenage genius “Alec Sadler” (Eric Knudsen). The cast is excellent and well-balanced.

The story is cleverly brought to the world by writer Simon Barry, who shares executive producer credits with Jeff King, Tom Rowe and Patrick Williams. The pilot was directed by Jon Cassar.

The television series is filmed in Vancouver, Canada. It is released by the production company Reunion Pictures. It premiered on the Canadian TV broadcast channel Showcase on May 27, 2012.

Continuum is being shopped around globally by heavyhitter GK-Films and has so far been picked up for airing in Germany, Turkey, Russia, Belgium, Israel, New Zealand, UK, France and Italy. Negotiations are ongoing for the USA territory.

The script has the type of “character DNA” which showrunner JJ Abrams surely would have loved to get his hands on. He is famous for stories which feature strong women. Or, as one of the stars of Continuum, Luvia Petersen, expressed it: “ass kicking girls“.

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