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What Happens In Vegas…

…gets caught on the thousands of survelliance cameras which are all over the city.


There are a lot of things going on in Las Vegas. Obviously.

A delusional clown dressed as Batman picking fights he can’t win, people having sex in restaurant kitchens, basejumpers diving from high buildings, motorcycle gangs brawling, an Englishman betting all his savings, women flashing in elevators or grabbing the hands of males and putting these on their boobs, hotel maids smoking the boss’s cigarr and drinking expensive alcohol…

A reality-TV concept called: “America Caught on Camera” showed some of these and similar moments in the form of surveillance camera footage and videos from by-standers. The storytelling style is the same style as in “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

The pilot was produced by Brad Lachman Productions, a company which has quite a few titles to its name. It was narrated by Frank Nicotero.

(Release date on the Travel Channel (US): 14, December 2011.)


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