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When Will There Be Another “Prison Break”?

Prison Break (2005–2009) was one of those magical alignments. Excellent cast and crew. Great writers. And the insight to step down while on top.

They didn’t wait for the show to become diluted, the way that so many productions do (e.g. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (1997–2003).

It was a high,  consistent intensity level from the beginning to the end. And a real closure for the viewers, instead of  a forced ending that is based only on network cancellation.

The attention to detail and credibility was unparallelled. Few installments, especially action-oriented ones, have credible complications. For example, so many productions write in ridiculous mistakes for the sake of creating tense situations. Such directors, producers and writers rely heavily on the viewers’ ignorance, forgiving sentiments and suspension of disbelief.

Prison Break’s writers put an extreme amount of clever thought and hard work to make every second of the plot “legit”. They managed to do that for several seasons and years. That’s magical.

Where are those writers now? What are they up to? It was unfortunate that “Heroes ” (2006–2010) didn’t own the same type of magic for more than one season. When will there be a superproduction in the same out-of-this-world league as Prison Break? The world will be eagerly waiting..


Prison Break – (Wikipedia)


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