The Quadfather

Four of a Kind

Jose Carles’s workmates call him “the Quadfather”. 

He is the father of quadruplets. The chance of becoming that is less than one in 64 million.


2 comments on “The Quadfather

  1. Hi there! I am writing a media article on multiple birth siblings and I was wondering how I could get the rights to this image so I can use it in my article.

    Tayler Dobbs

    • Tayler, try the copyright holder of that specific picture. The name is printed in the picture that you are referring to, next to the copyright symbol: “(c)”.

      Moreover, those quadruplets are celebrities. There are countless photos and “sources” (photographers) to get hold of. You can try http://www.gettyimages.com for example.

      You can also look into if your article falls under “fair use” (look it up: “fair use images”).

      Best wishes

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