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Bobadilla Daniella Bobadilla is not a new kid on the block. Prior to playing “Sam Goodson” in Charlie Sheen‘s new comedy Anger Management, she had roles on shows like Awake, Desperate Housewives, Lie To Me, Supernatural, and Smallville. She’s good. Trivia: “Stockholmians” or “Stockholmites” from “back in the day” say that there used to be […]

The Amazing Race In A Different Setting.

“Mixing it up a little”. The Great Escape (2012) –

The L.A. Complex

The L.A. Complex | Series on the CW Network The show had a  great start in terms of showing how tough it is to make it in Hollywood. Especially how aspiring talent have to struggle to even make ends meet. It turned out to be carbon copies of characters who are their worst enemies; creating […]

Jenna Elfman’s New Look

Damages Season 5 Cast Bios, Episode Guide. A tall, attractive blonde with short hair walks into an office. It’s almost only her trademark voice that can identify her as the familiar and well-known Jenna Elfman. Her new look (her character, Naomi Walling’s look) in the final season of Damages (2007-2012)  is very interesting. And suits […]

Drop Dead Diva Turns Grave And Serious

  Drop Dead Diva  The show is originally a farce. A mix between drama and comedy. The writers figured it was too light, so “Jane” gets a case in her lap that is everything but. The district attorneys are set on sending a child to prison for life – and they are not kidding.   […]

“The Closer” Is Like Collector’s Wine

 The Closer (2005-2012) Savoring “The Closer”. It is like opening a 300-year old bottle of wine. Bittersweet. The magic is coming to an end after seven years. Thank you Kyra Sedgwick. Thank you “Brenda Leigh Johnson”. There’s a magical dictionary in which your image is next to the word “Presence”.

Political Animals “Competing” With Spartacus and The Borgias

Political Animals – on USA Network.