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Real Acting Equals Credibility/Believability

"Alex Mitchell" in Common Law (USA Network, 2012)

Actress Elizabeth Chomko “rocks” her recurring role as “Alex MacFarland Mitchell” in “Common Law” (2012)

Elizabeth Chomko does a wonderful performance as “Alex” in the television series “Common Law” (on USA Network, 2012).

She brings believability to the table; the mark of an excellent performer and actress.

This is an ability that is mostly overlooked, hence undervalued, by audiences.

Because many people like the personality of an actor or actress and enjoy the settings in which these cast members appear, they conclude that the person is a “good actor” (and person). Likewise if they dislike the individual or the productions that the performer is in, then that perfomer is “bad” and “overrated” in their opinion. Oftentimes the general popularity of the person is used as the measure of his or hers “acting” capabilities. Further factors that are thrown into the opinion mix are envy or jealousy, especially concerning a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s high regard of a specific TV or movie personality.

It’s all like arguing that a fork is an excellent instrument for eating soup; because it is “shiny” and “sparkling”.

As a matter of fact, there are many TV or film celebrities who never connect with their roles and characters. Regardless of the nature of the scene, these celebrities hardly move a muscle in their faces – or bodies. Not because they are portraying a machine-like android as in the “Terminator” installments; but simply because they don’t know how to connect with their emotions in order to translate these into body language, facial expressions and voice tone. Whether their characters are happy, sad or mad, and regardless of the genre, these “actors” sound and look virtually the same from scene to scene and from film to film. Talk about easy money…

Then there are performers like Elizabeth Chomko. Her recurring character in the television show “Common Law” is “Alex MacFarland Mitchell”. “Mitchell” is “Alex’s” married name. She is the ex-wife of  Wes Mitchell, a former ace lawyer who Alex divorced when she couldn’t endure the constant worrying about his new dangerous line of occupation as an LAPD Robbery-Homicide detective. Despite irreconcilable differences, the former husband and wife still love each other dearly and they try to maintain a neutral and respectful friendship. The dilemma of the situation is painful for “Alex”. It is apparent that she still loves Wes sooo much. “She” doesn’t have to say a word.  One can tell easily from how “she” looks at “him”, the tormented sadness in “her” eyes, and from “her” conflicted body language.

“Alex’s” character comes to life through Elizabeth Chomko’s performance and acting. Chomko is the manifestation and translator. Even though I am well aware of that the tender moments are creations by lights, sets, cameras, a crew and writers, I feel “Alex’s” love. Because I believe her. Elizabeth Chomko, that is.


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