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“The Newsroom” – Sorkin’s High School Drama

The Newsroom (Sorkin, HBO, 2012)

Aaron Sorkin’s newest drama doesn’t take place in the West Wing of the White House, at a comedy TV channel on the Sunset Strip, or on Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard┬ácampus.

On the surface, this show takes place at a TV newsroom.

Hence the show’s name: “The Newsroom”.

“The Newsroom’s” ratings are struggling a bit. It may because most of the characters in it never made it mentally past high school. They all act out on it, 90% of them. Constantly. The impulse control is almost non-existent.

On the other hand, that formula has worked well with other shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy. And Sorkin’s own shows have bordered to it. So why wouldn’t this production make it, if given a little time and patience from HBO.

Or maybe the characters could simply just grow up a liittle bit.


(Aaron Sorkin interview).


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