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LOST Rebooted in “Last Resort” (2012)


Last Resort (2012)

Last Resort (2012) — ABC

Last Resort is definitely worth watching. The initial editing, dialog and coloring could be better. Initially it gives off the same vibe as a 1990’s low budget action movie. However, it grows on you.

Also, Autumn Reeser is in it. She is one of those actresses who can really “carry” scenes.

So far, the direction is clearly a kind of “re-boot” of the popular series LOST. At least inasmuchas that the lead characters find themselves “stranded” on a faraway island. It also has elements of Showtime’s “Homeland” (2011).

The nagging question is… how long and far are they (the showrunners, production company et al) going to be able to “milk” the story? Well.. “Homeland” pulled off a renewal season and 6 Emmys. And LOST played for quite a while.  On the other hand, ABC is a tough home with very high demands.


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