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Nostradamus Never Said That

I was looking into peoples’ general plans for december 12, 2012. It could be fun to know since many get married or plan festivities and events on dates like August 8, 2008 (“080808”) etc. It was saddening to instead see the many lies by doomsday “interpretators”, of dubious origins. Claims about The Mayans, for example, […]

Kudos, “Dexter”

Showtime : Dexter (2012) Prior to the 1990s, movie installments and TV-shows could rule the media landscape for decades. People were glued to small screens for weeks or years to find out the outcome of a moment. “Will she tell him or not?”  “Are they going to open that door?”. When any of the “greats” […]

“In One’s Own Shadow”

Vegas Girl on Carrie Ann Moss stars in the new show, Vegas (CBS 2012). So does Dennis Quaid. ..Two more movie stars adapting to and getting comfortable with the small screen.. Wherever Carrie Ann Moss appears, there’s this thing she has to carry (no pun intended): Having starred in such an impact movie as “The Matrix”  (1999), her […]

“You’re Only Renting This Life, My Friend”

666 Park Avenue… (ABC, 2012) Many try to write and produce the kinds of show openings that grab you from the very first second and never let go. Most fail, despite big budgets and famous faces in the cast. The storytelling in ABC’s new hit show is grade A. Every detail; camera, coloring, angles.. has […]