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Kudos, “Dexter”

Showtime : Dexter (2012)

Prior to the 1990s, movie installments and TV-shows could rule the media landscape for decades. People were glued to small screens for weeks or years to find out the outcome of a moment. “Will she tell him or not?”  “Are they going to open that door?”.

When any of the “greats” graced the silver screen in a new production, the “whole” world new about it.

Scenes from a film with Clint Eastwood could “live” and be talked about during the time-span between a baby’s birth and after her college graduation still. Nowadays Pacino and De Niro can star in the same story and most of the world is occupied with a Youtube clip or something else. And huge budget TV shows can be scrapped after a handfull aired episodes.

In this light… “Dexter” is a sensation. The show has been around for 7 seasons and is about to enter its seventh year. That’s a success which can be measured in “dog years”.

Last season’s final ended with a bang. This season’s recent premiere were kind of anti-climactic and begged the question of where the producers and writers were “going with this”. Somehow the episode managed to turn around and pull me back in. Good for you, Dexter!


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