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No Surprises: Last Resort (2012) Cancelled

Last Resort Canceled: ABC Will Not Pick Up Shawn Ryan Drama.

An excellent cast and a considerable budget can’t help a lousy story bible. Read: a dumb small time thug toying lethally with the US Military episode after episode as if he was picking up Chinese food. They see him coming miles away, he kills a troop, they search and retrieve and let him go.. rewind and repeat. The audience is supposed to buy that military veterans including Navy Seals have zero vigilence, virtually not even possessing high school knowledge about thug mentality and how to “watch” one’s back”, except against other US combat specialists. The audience is supposed to be in utter suspense every time the thug goes “oops, I did it again”. Reality check: the natural reaction is utterly dismayed disbelief and impatience.  So: Wow, show cancelled? Who didn’t see that coming?


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