Nostradamus Never Said That

I was looking into peoples’ general plans for december 12, 2012. It could be fun to know since many get married or plan festivities and events on dates like August 8, 2008 (“080808”) etc. It was saddening to instead see the many lies by doomsday “interpretators”, of dubious origins. Claims about The Mayans, for example, […]


Bobadilla Daniella Bobadilla is not a new kid on the block. Prior to playing “Sam Goodson” in Charlie Sheen‘s new comedy Anger Management, she had roles on shows like Awake, Desperate Housewives, Lie To Me, Supernatural, and Smallville. She’s good. Trivia: “Stockholmians” or “Stockholmites” from “back in the day” say that there used to be […]

“The Closer” Is Like Collector’s Wine

 The Closer (2005-2012) Savoring “The Closer”. It is like opening a 300-year old bottle of wine. Bittersweet. The magic is coming to an end after seven years. Thank you Kyra Sedgwick. Thank you “Brenda Leigh Johnson”. There’s a magical dictionary in which your image is next to the word “Presence”.

“What’s Innocence & Fairness Got To Do With It?”

“What’s Innocence Got To Do With It?” How safe and protected are Americans each time the system feels like locking somebody up and throwing away the key? Movies keep boasting that the U.S. is not like one of those corrupt and lawless countries in some obscure parts of the world. Because in some of those […]

The law Of Diminishing Utility Applied To Materialistic Happiness

#Happiness 101 for materialists: The law of diminishing marginal utility proves that temperance beats gluttony each time. (  Don’t Indulge. Be Happy. – Elizabeth Dunn, an associate professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia, and Michael Norton, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, are authors of the book: […]

All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic

As if being in the crosshairs of, and fighting the obvious “bad guys” isn’t hard enough… BBC iPlayer – Line of Duty: Episode 1. Line of Duty (BBC, 2012) is a grim and clever tale about the constant struggle of  idealists who set out to do good but are constantly undermined and subverted by layers of […]

The Quadfather

Four of a Kind Jose Carles’s workmates call him “the Quadfather”.  He is the father of quadruplets. The chance of becoming that is less than one in 64 million.