“You’re Only Renting This Life, My Friend”

666 Park Avenue… (ABC, 2012) Many try to write and produce the kinds of show openings that grab you from the very first second and never let go. Most fail, despite big budgets and famous faces in the cast. The storytelling in ABC’s new hit show is grade A. Every detail; camera, coloring, angles.. has […]

“Magic City” (2012) A Grim Tale.

Magic City (2012) has something. Much of it thanks to the art director and art department. Somebody has a wonderful sense of the visual in general. The showrunner, Mitch Glaser, ┬áhas also managed to capture a certain emotional “tone”. Underneath are the general requisites: charismatic actors/actresses, a strong plot, and a storyline that is dynamic […]


By Zanita… it’s been a pleasure following her photography the past years. Talented. Going places. Already made quite a journey. Shoot: The Blonde Salad (Zanita).