“The Paradise”

The Paradise: an undeniably charming European production. This “televised theatrical drama” is based on a classic script adapted from an original French novel by Emile Zola. The drama is helped forward through great casting and excellent performances by a top crew. The first “series” (the first season) drew 6 million viewers (which is a strong rating for the UK). Trivia: […]

“In One’s Own Shadow”

Vegas Girl on Carrie Ann Moss stars in the new show, Vegas (CBS 2012). So does Dennis Quaid. ..Two more movie stars adapting to and getting comfortable with the small screen.. Wherever Carrie Ann Moss appears, there’s this thing she has to carry (no pun intended): Having starred in such an impact movie as “The Matrix”  (1999), her […]

McPhee’s Croatian Accent

Katharine McPhee’s Croatian accent is so good that I start wondering if she actually is of Croatian decent. You May Not Kiss the Bride (2011)

Part of Me – movie.

Katy Perry talked about her 3D concert movie on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (air date: 6/21/12). “Part of Me” is set to hit theatres July 5 2012. Other topics that came up was how she was signed and dropped several times by the record industry until she finally got that huge break. Maybe she […]