Haters Circling “1600 Penn”

“1600 Penn” (NBC, 2012) isn’t bad. There are many haters making viciously resentful and uncalled-for remarks about the show. Unfortunately the show is not great either. Perhaps giving way too much space to a character who simply can’t carry the show. Advertisements

Nostradamus Never Said That

I was looking into peoples’ general plans for december 12, 2012. It could be fun to know since many get married or plan festivities and events on dates like August 8, 2008 (“080808”) etc. It was saddening to instead see the many lies by doomsday “interpretators”, of dubious origins. Claims about The Mayans, for example, […]

2012 U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team: Gold!

USA Basketball: 2012 U.S. Olympic Women’s Basketball Team. Thank you, team USA, for a wonderful final. Team Brazil men’s soccer team has got a lot to learn from you. Way to go, leading by twice as high scores as the opposing team and still going for every point right up to the final signal as […]

India De Beaufort = On-screen chemistry

“Jane By Design” (2012). on ABC Family. The thing with India De Beaufort is that she radiates a “golden” heart. In various forms. For example her Jane By Design character’s devoted feelings for  the co-worker “Jeremy” is unquestionable. Showrunners should be so lucky to get these kinds of performances and end results on screen.

“Magic Mike”

Matthew McConaughey dropped by Jay Leno’s the other day. Long time no see.

What Happens In Vegas…

…gets caught on the thousands of survelliance cameras which are all over the city. There are a lot of things going on in Las Vegas. Obviously.